Waste Management

Increased Focus on Waste Management

It’s not fun, it’s not ___(edited by me) and it sure isn’t exciting, but waste management is becoming an increasingly important part of any company’s day to day operation. As concern over the environment and the impact companies have on their surroundings grows, the government is using a number of carrot and stick techniques in order to get companies to improve their current practices.
First of all the stick. Under official regulations all companies are required to take every reasonable measure to ensure all its waste is disposed of properly and responsible. Failure to do so can result in financial penalties, not to mention the subsequent impact on your local reputation.
That issue of reputation is increasingly important. The environment has assumed a growing importance in the popular consciousness. A company’s waste management practices will quickly come under scrutiny should anything go wrong. Those firms guilty of being penny wise but pound foolish could find themselves punished quite severely if they decide to put short term gain over long term prosperity.
Now the carrot. Companies can earn brownie points for effective waste management policies which significantly reduce the amount they send to landfill each year. There all sorts of awards on offer – both local and national. Firms that win them are not shy in promoting the fact. Ethical consumerism means it can be highly lucrative for any company to be seen as having a reputation for being environmentally friendly. There are also a number of planned tax incentives on the horizon whether we end up with a Conservative or Labour government after the next election.
The political and social landscape has changed considerably. Once upon a time authorities and the public were somewhat resigned to the fact that they would have to put up with the excess waste churned out by companies all over the country. Governments often felt it was easier to turn a blind eye rather than impact profits.
However, that is no longer the case. By using an effective waste management service companies can significantly reduce the amount they send to landfill every year. As part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability it fits in with the modern ethos – one that is increasingly shared by customers.
As consumers become more eco conscious the focus on waste management practices will grow significantly as time passes. The best option for any company is to make sure it stays ahead of the curve to be identified as a leader in environmental sustainability.
Written By:- Dominic Donaldson is a freelance journalist.

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