Battle Against Global Warming

Small Steps For Battle Against Global Warming

The results of climate change is really penetrating deeper into our lives as we are facing many weather and climatic changes that are causing natural disasters like frequent tsunamis, earthquakes and floods all over the world. It has been surveyed that in the last ten years there have been more earthquakes and floods in the world than what was recorded in the last ninety years which clearly tells us that the weather is rapidly changing and soon it might lead into catastrophic events that would wipe off the human race from the planet.

The global warming or global climate change is a result of our mistakes and carelessness and therefore it is our duty to rectify the problem before it is too late. Though, we are just an ordinary people who are very much busy in our own personal and professional lives but we still have the power to take small steps that would collective become a giant leap to ensure that the Mother Earth is safe from the dangers of climatic changes.
Planting more trees is one of the simple ways to fight this problem. Today, more than 5 million players from all over the world play Farmville and make sure that their farms are looking good and healthy but none of us taking initiatives to farm trees around our houses and in our locality. Farming trees does not cost us thousands of bucks and therefore each one can buy a sapling and nurture a tree near their house so that we can make this planet greener and beautiful. Remember that planting trees does not only make your locality look greener but it also helps you to get more oxygen and reduces the radiation which is emitted from electrical devices.
At home you can try to install better window panes that would keep the temperature inside the house as per your preferences so that you do not have to turn on your air conditioners and heaters during winter season. Glazed window panes do not only give a better look to your windows but also cuts down your electricity bills since you will not be using your air conditioners and heaters all the time. Similarly, you can keep one single TV at your home rather than having multiple television sets for each room. Try and turn off the lights and other electrical appliances when you are not using them because it will save you some money and also save the planet from climate change problems.

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