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Air Conditioning: No Longer A Luxury

Summers are bad times of the year, especially for places which tend to get very humid. People tend to get all sticky and irritated through the day thus bringing forth the vitality of proper conditioning and control of temperatures in situations like these. Air conditioning in the proper sense of the term means dehumidification maintaining the proper temperature of air, besides also detoxifying and cleaning it. Humid air tends to store a lot of heat because of the inherent water content. Besides this, it is also important to maintain the thermal comfort in places where there is a large congregation of people.
Like everything good, has a bad side to it, conventional air conditioning has proved that it has very negative far reaching effects. A particular chemical used as refrigerant in the air conditioners known as “DuPont’s Freon”, and many others like the same is known to contain and release chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs which affect the ozone layer in the atmosphere. They have an adverse study on human health as well and independent studies have indicated air conditioning have their role in aggravation of effects of arthritis and neuritis amongst patients. Then there is a particular amount of stress that develops amongst users, who are subdued to constant artificial air conditioning.
Many leading companies have come up with their versions of CFC free air conditioners. One thus, can choose such systems after going through the air conditioner reviews that are done so as to compare the new technology with the one prevalent. Air conditioner reviews can be found on the internet or in the print media. These air conditioner reviews are also helpful for comparing the specifications of the models. Major people involved in the industry, scientists and environmentalists make and closely follow the air conditioner reviews. Such reviews are the best buying guides and ensure that the best product at a best price is bought. Air conditioner reviews though should be checked for their authenticity and should not be confused with another self-promotion campaign.
There are many changes that can be incorporated in the environment, both the natural and the built. Trees have a huge effect cooling the environment, thus adding greens can do wonders. Having a green cover around the house using lawns etc is recommended. Then specific arrangements in the built environment to cool the air or cool the ambient temperature of the room and incorporating green practices can be seen as practical solutions to the air conditioning problems.

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